Welcome to Ozphilanthropy.com which is a personal view of philanthropy in Australia – not affiliated with any particular not for profit organisation, industry body or lobby groups.

I hope to use this blog to share information on philanthropy both for fundseekers and donors.

My experience with philanthropy is as an administrator, mainly in the arts, a little in higher education (advancement), in community foundations, and through studies in not for profit management and philanthropy and social impact. I hope that to add to and create discussion about pertinent and interesting issues and news in this area.

Since starting this blog in 2010 changes in communication on the internet through twitter and linkedIn have given people many more outlets for sharing information in palatable bite sized pieces more readily, and there are more newsletters from Probono, Philanthropy Australia and Generosity Magazine, so the frequency of posts has slown down.

Nevertheless, I still find it useful for myself as a forum for reflection and an opportunity to practice my writing skills – I hope you still find it useful and relevant too. I encourage you to share your comments, ideas and requests and will endeavour to seek out answers where I can.

Looking forward to discussing philanthropy, tax, funding bodies and money raising trivia with you.

Sharon Nathani
Melbourne Australia

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