Changing guard at Buckingham Palace


A vacancy for an executive officer for a community foundation is not unusual, but two at the same time? There are some changes afoot in a couple of community foundations in Melbourne.  But perhaps the more interesting questions raised by this coincidence are:

How long is an optimum time to stay in a role?

How do you know when you have outgrown your organisation, or your organisation has outgrown you?

Where are the best places to look in considering a change? Are the usual suspects of ProBono and Ethical Jobs the most relevant, or are do you prefer to use not for profit career consultants?

What do you think about career transition? How do you do it, plan it, manage it, communicate it? How strategically do you plan your own career and what do you look for when you are ready to make a move?

Is a “career” in philanthropy something people really plan for, or is it something people fall into and are just swept along with, through a series of roles.

What are your thoughts? I look forward to your comments in 2015 on this and many other topics.

and if you are interested in the two vacancies mentioned at top of post check out the position description for the Executive Officer of the Inner North Community Foundation and contact Australian Communities Foundation for more detail about their vacancy.


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#Philanthropy. #arts Posts by Sharon Nathani, PhD candidate at the Centre for Social Impact, Swinburne focussing on philanthropic funders of the arts. Sharon's study is supported through an Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship.
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