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the sleeping bag

So here is what all the fuss was about. and the best thank you I could have received was this: “If one understands that by supporting one aid worker, you end up supporting hundreds of relief recipients, then you have … Continue reading

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Putting your money where my mouth is

I was reading my twitter feed and feeling concerned about the earthquakes in Christchurch and the enormity of what is happening in Libya and wondering about our capacity to be ghoulish voyeurs in times of crisis and feel helpless, overwhelmed … Continue reading

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Stacey’s informal philanthropy pop quiz

A philanthropy colleague of mine has started a little informal survey which she plans to do on a weekly basis to gather opinions from our philanthropy community. In her words: Last week she quizzed her colleagues about donations and the … Continue reading

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It is no secret to those close to me that I love twitter and have become a bit of an addict. I try to justify my presence there by saying that I get all my best information from the site … Continue reading

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A change of key in fundraising

I am putting this post in here – which is one I wrote on my old blog before setting up It records my reactions to the changed scale of fundraising I encountered on starting work in Advancement in higher … Continue reading

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Artsupport Australia – what is it and can they help?

Artsupport Australia is a unit of the Australia Council. Its role is to assist in the development of philanthropy within arts organisations. They have an office or representation in every state, and work mainly with key arts organisations who receive … Continue reading

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