Compete to work for a charity of your choice

Just thought I would throw this in as it has only a very short window for applications.

The Vodaphone World of Difference competition encourages social/philanthropic entrepreneurs to make a video about why they want to support a particular not for profit – and then pays them to go and work there for a year to fulfil their ambitions.

For five winners, Vodaphone will contribute up to $80k direct to their chosen organisation to pay for their salary and oncosts for one year.

If successful the applicants are required to start their new “job” in May. Obviously this only works if you have a not for profit you have a good relationship with and that wants to have you on board and won’t consider you to be a troublesome volunteer who needs to be fully trained/inducted and babysat.

Shortlisted applicants are subjected to online polling through facebook and and must agree, to attend and participate in internal and external publicity activities and media (including
television, and radio and print interviews).

I think I saw a successful winner a couple of years ago and they were well versed in mentioning the whole name of the sponsor every time they had to talk about the program. (It’s a marketing thing you see).

Have a look at people who have been through this process here. I notice that Grace McQuilten (pictured) used this to take a year to establish the Social Studio which is based in Collingwood and provides dressmaking and fashion design skills to refugees. This makes me feel a little less cynical about the exercise as the Social Studio does great work.

Applications close on 25 February 2011.

What do you think about the promotion/encouragement of philanthropic action in this way? It’s certainly an interesting way to sell more mobile phones!

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#Philanthropy. #arts Posts by Sharon Nathani, PhD candidate at the Centre for Social Impact, Swinburne focussing on philanthropic funders of the arts. Sharon's study is supported through an Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship.
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